What Makes Us The Ideal Micro Makers

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Kickstarter projects can be a hit and miss and you can never know if the campaign you back will be seen through by the creators. We know that isn’t because creators pack up and bail on their backers. It’s more a matter of not being prepared to undertake the massive responsibility that comes with creating something from scratch and delivering it as promised.

So we thought we’d give you a deeper insight into who we are and what makes us the ideal Micro makers.

To start with, I (Sam) have been the Sales Director of a major real estate and development operation, managing staff in offices located in Brazil, USA, Hungary and Spain. I did that (and loved it) for many years before I left it all behind and became an entrepreneur.

I spent over 8 years travelling between these countries (and a bunch more during my vacations). And among other challenges that came with the role, my constant struggle with a ton of travel plug adapters was real. I’d never know where to find the right adapter for the country I’m going to next so I’d end up buying crappy ones at destination or spending a little fortune in airports for massive, (supposedly) universal plug adapters.

The struggle has been that much more real for Monica. She used to fly for a bunch of private airlines in the Middle East and Europe. She used to do, on average, about 12 trips per month to destinations ranging from very cosmopolitan cities to the most remote countries on Earth. Think Mali or Timbuktu, Seychelles or Mauritius, Japan or Kazakstan and the list goes on and on and on.

The "uggghhh, I need a better solution to this travel adapter problem" rant has been right at home with Monica for over 13 years. Oh yeah, that's Maradona! Monica has stories for days about the shenanigans of the rich and famous, in case you're wondering.

Daniel has spent most of the past 5 years developing and manufacturing products and commuting between the Far East and Europe. He's also collected an impressive array of crappy travel adapters.

Between the 3 of us, we've literally travelled the whole wide world. And we all knew the travel adapter market needed to provide travellers, like us and like yourself, a much better solution than what's been available until today. So we set off to create it ourselves, and hopefully make every traveller's life a lot easier.

You see, we haven't started the Micro project on a whim. We're genuinely committed to providing better solutions to the problems we know you struggle with. So Micro won't end up being one of those projects that lets their backers down. No Way Jose!!

Keep an eye on your email so you don't miss out on the massive discounts that come with the early bird offers, available as soon as the Kickstarter campaign goes live on May 16th!

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