5 Not So Obvious Travel Hacks

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With the Micro launch quickly approaching, we have been reminiscing about our travel experiences and what led us to the creation of Micro.

Monica has been what she likes to call a “paid tourist” for most of her adult life. Many of her international trips were fully paid for by her employer (can you say “Killer job perks”? ☺️). However in the off occasions when she had to travel at her own cost, she struggled with one challenge that’s common to all nowadays: travelling light.

We thought we’d put some 13 years worth of world travels to good use. So we listed a few not so obvious hacks that will hopefully help you travel light and still make the most of your journeys.

We’re gonna skip the usual “roll instead of folding”, “bring miniature toiletries” or “pack socks and undies inside your shoes”. That’s amateur packing advice! So, jumping right in…

sunglasses case

Pack your chargers and cables in an old sunglasses’ casing.

That way you keep it neatly organised and tangle free.

USB tv

If you forgot the USB plug-in for your smart phone charger, check the back of your hotel TV. There’s a USB port there in 9 out 10 cases.

Since we learned this little detail, we stopped carrying a plug-in phone charger and only charge our phone using the TV or our laptops.

Smart phone monitor


Turn your smart phone into a movie screen onboard. It might not be as big as a seat monitor, but hey it does the job. And unless you’re picky about large screens, you can leave your tablet at home and lighten up your travel load even further. 


Mark your baggage as “Fragile”. The tag won’t make a difference in how your bags are handled during airport transits. But your luggage will be loaded at the top of the pile because of it, making it one of the first bags to be offloaded at destination. 


Give your loose change to somebody in need or a local charity. Doing that the last day of your trip will keep you from stacking a bunch of foreign currency that will end up being worthless before you get to spend it. It might be change for you, but it could mean a whole lot for those receiving it.

micro sam hand resized

Get a Micro! Because you never know what type of sockets you find when traveling abroad. You didn’t think we’d leave that recommendation out, did ya? After all, bulky, poorly made travel adapters have been one of our biggest pains and a common denominator to all our international trips. Heck, it’s been so painful that we set off to build a solution ourselves and help millions of international travellers, like yourself, along the way. 

Got any useful tips for light, painless travels? Comment below and share your thoughts, we’re always eager to hear from and share experiences with you. 

Simple can be harder than complex. You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end, because once you get there, you can move mountains.

– Steve Jobs

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